Anatolian Fortress

Yildirim Bayezid had Anatolian Fortress built in 1395 which towers up in Anatolian side of the Bosporus, on the place where Göksu Creak disembogues to the sea. Suleiman Celebi who was the son of Yildirim Bayezid hid himself here after Battle of Ankara and the army which campaigned for the Battle of Varna in 1444 crossed from here. The fortress which was used as military base before the conquest of Istanbul maintained its old form until that date. But Fatih Sultan Mehmet (Fatih the Conqueror) had external walls ramparted during construction and strengthened it by placing cannon on them. So both fortresses played a great role in keeping the Bosporus under control.

anatolian-fortressOutskirts of the fortress which lost its previous importance after the conquest of Istanbul and the coast of Black Sea became a residential area in the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

Anatolian Fortress whose castle and bulwarks are located on a rocky hill consists of citadel, inner and external bulwark and three towers. The citadel is a tower which is rectangular and four stories. Initially there was no door at first storey.

The people entered into the tower by the help of suspended bridge, and they climbed up by wooden stairs.

The bulwarks of citadel combine the northeast and northwest corners of the main castle. There is a way protected via railings on these bulwarks which are in thickness of three meters.

There are lots of cinctures and three towers built so as to protect the bulwarks on external bulwarks linked to inner bulwarks. These bulwarks extending along 65 meters in east-west direction, 80 meters in north-south direction are in thickness of 2,5 meters and laid with ports in which the cannons are placed.

Block stones grouted were used in main castle and inner bulwarks of Anatolian Fortress which is small but safe. Bricklaying is seen in patches. External bulwarks were bonded by interlaying small stones among big rows of stones. Bricklaying can be seen only in cinctures covering the cannon ports.

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